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classical house in VOLTA Mantovana

46049 Volta Mantovana

On demand!

2.400.000 Euro

4 % of the purchase price plus VAT
Ten rooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens Zimmer, 2450m² qm

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Type classical house
Year 15th Century and 18th century
Living Room Size 1.500 m²
Purchase Price 2,400,000 euros, 600,000 euros Antique Interior

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Attention!!!: This object is available in three variants to buy. Option 1: The Residenza, Option 2: The Ristorante, option3: Residenza and Ristorante. This is option 2
Property: classical house in VOLTA Mantovana
Location: Nestled in the Province of Mantua in Lombardy
Year of Construction: 15th – 18th Century
Renovated: 20 years ago
Floors: Ground floor and first floor
Move-in: Two months after the purchase is completed
Plot: 2450 m²
House: Ten rooms, three bathrooms, two kitchens, a loft
Usable area: 600 m² with garden
Heating: Gas heating, two fireplaces
Emotion: Classical house in a quiet and prime location, interior furnishings from the French Dynasty
Parking: In the courtyard, space for six cars
Purchasing Price: 2,400,000 EUR, antique interior furnishings 600,000 EUR
Agent’s commission: 4% of the purchase price plus VAT

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Karl Oberreiter, Kanzlei Silber, Salzburg
Karl Oberreiter Geschäftsführung
Tel. +43 (662) 87 66 60

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A historic and quiet ambience, nestled in the Moraine countryside. Lingering in the garden is the history of the Middle Ages. If you are lover of the ornate and extraordinary, your heart will beat faster here. With or without the interior furnishings of the French Dynasty. What kind of lifestyle did the Sun King prefer? Come and see for yourself…………

Das ist die Immobilie Das ist die Immobilie

This is the property

Volta Mantovana, a very popular, respected and glamorous municipality in the Morainic hills, is a northern Italian municipality (comune) with 7,379 inhabitants (as of December 31, 2013) and is located in the Province of Mantua in Lombardy. The municipality is located about 21 kilometers north-northwest of Mantua...
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Das ist die Ausstattung Das ist die Ausstattung

This is the layout

One residential building can be found at the forefront hidden behind high walls, decorated with small accessories on the facade and here and there in the garden, which tell of times gone by. A little renovation will make everything shine like a jewel.
Wardrobes, cabinets, chairs, tables from the Renaissance and...
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Das ist die Lage Das ist die Lage

This is the location

Mantua is located south of Lake Garda on the river Mincio, which leaves Lake Garda at Peschiera del Garda. A beautiful bike path follows the river to Mantua. Mantua offers beautiful city flair both within the medieval city walls and outside in the green parks situated on the three lakes that surround Mantua. Such...
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Energieausweis Energieausweis

Energy Performance Certificate

Operating costs: 4,000 EUR per year - The data from the Energy Performance Certificate will follow in a few days -...
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